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At Piki’s Cleaning Services, we are widely recognised as we provide premier domestic cleaning services in Adelaide. We understand the significance of a clean and organised domestic place. Our primary goal is to offer you top-notch housekeeping and cleaning solutions that meet your expectations and level of cleanliness. With our extensive experience and dedicated team of professional cleaners in Adelaide, we strive to make your home a haven of cleanliness and comfort. A house, apartment, or flat must be meticulously and thoroughly cleaned with impeccable cleaning services provided by domestic cleaner Adelaide for better health and self-care or well-being. We help you to increase your property’s worth. Our knowledgeable staff will guarantee the Insurance of a spotlessly clean surface that will wow your neighbours or guests. We put a lot of effort into giving our clients a more vibrant living environment that promotes a prosperous and healthy way of life.

We are the market-leading company to meet the tailored needs of the customers. For example, if working women need professional domestic cleaners on a daily or weekly basis so that they can rest, we will be the best option for them. On the other hand, our professional cleaning team assists new mothers or single parents with timely and tidy service. When it comes to festival cleaning, most of you need urgent domestic help to clean up every nook and corner of your living space. Thus, you can sit back with your feet up and party with your friends & family. Besides, to protect your home from germs and diseases, you need to hire expert cleaners for your domestic residence.

Expert cleaners from our cleaning company in Adelaide are adept at all aspects of cleaning solutions with updated tools and technology. Furthermore, dusting and scrubbing are the integral parts of the clean-up job. Following this, we employ potential services of deep cleaning to have a sleek surface. Whether you want daily, weekly or monthly cleaning services at budget-friendly prices, we deliver you part-time or full-time assistance. Therefore, you will get efficient domestic cleaning services in Adelaide within your suitable timeframe.

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With our residential sector in Adelaide cleaning solutions, you can enjoy a clean and comfortable home without the hassle. Let us take care of the cleaning so you can focus on what matters most. Contact us today to schedule your first cleaning session and experience the difference!
Domestic Cleaning Adelaide

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We ensure you have a variety of services regarding Domestic housekeeping Adelaide and cleaning for stain and streak-free smooth surfaces. Piki’s Cleaning Services is the best option to avail cost-effective solutions for the clean-up job with reasonable pricing. High-end technology and environment-friendly products are essential for producing the expected results. Contact us for specialised cleaning services to maintain every nook and corner of your residence.


How often should I schedule domestic cleaning services?

The frequency of domestic cleaning usually depends on several factors, such as household size and lifestyle. Typically, cleaning your domestic space thoroughly can take hours, weeks or more. Our cleanings are recommended to maintain a tidy and hygienic home environment. 

Do I need to provide cleaning supplies for the service?

No, you do not need to get or purchase any tools or relevant materials to proceed with the cleaning services. Our professional cleaners bring their supplies and equipment, ensuring a thorough and efficient cleaning process without inconveniencing you.

Can I trust your cleaners to work in my home?

Absolutely. Our cleaners undergo rigorous background checks and are fully trained and insured professionals dedicated to delivering exceptional service with the utmost respect for your privacy and property.

What is the difference between domestic and professional cleaning?

Generally, domestic cleaners perform simple and daily household cleaning tasks. On the other hand, professional cleaners provide a deep and professional cleaning process in a methodical manner.

What areas of the home do your cleaning services cover?

Our domestic cleaning services cover all home areas, including bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living areas, and any additional spaces specified by the client.

Can I customize the cleaning tasks to suit my needs?

We offer customizable cleaning plans tailored to your specific preferences and requirements. Whether you need a basic tidy-up or deep cleaning of particular areas, we can accommodate your requests to ensure complete satisfaction.

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